• 1947 B.S. Physics, Harvard College
  • 1948 M.S. Physics, Harvard Graduate School
  • 1951 Sc. D. Physical Metallurgy, M.I.T.


  • 1951 Consultant for the Marshall Plan
  • 1951-52 Transistor Development, Bell Telephone Laboratory
  • 1952-84 President, Transitron Electronic Corporation


  • Ethnographic Museum, St. Petersburg, Soviet Union
  • The William Benton Museum of Art, University of Connecticut
  • Kouras Gallery, NYC
  • Levinson Kane Gallery, Boston MA
  • The M.I.T. Museum, Cambridge MA
  • The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • The Danford Museum, Framingham MA
  • Pine Manor College, Chestnut Hill MA
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, DC
  • Wheelock College, Boston MA


7’ bronze "Life Force” Columbia University Law School
4' granite "Force" Pace University NYC
6' aluminum "Helical Man" Nike Beaverton Oregon
4' granite "Renaissance" AAAS Washington, DC
6’ granite "TV MAN" M.I.T.
6' aluminum "Wheat" Duxbury Museum
5' aluminum "Helical Man" Brandeis University
7’ bronze "Life Force II" Boston Federal Reserve Bank
6' granite "The Kiss" Massachusetts College of Art
5' aluminum "Helical Man" Marine Biology Laboratory
6' stainless steel "The Box" Marine Biology Laboratory
6’ stainless steel "The Wall” Danforth Museum
6' granite "Life Force" Longy School of Music
5' aluminum "Helical Man" Longy School of Music
5' stainless steel "Disc" Longy School of Music
5' granite "King and Queen" Longy School of Music
5' stainless steel "The Fallen" University of Connecticut at Stowe
9' stainless "The Pregnant Cube"Shakespeare and Company Lenox
4' stainless "Mirror"Shakespeare and Company Lenox
7' aluminum "Elephant Grass"Shakespeare and Company Lenox
9' stainless "Helical Form"Shakespeare and Company Lenox
5' stainless "Oops!"Shakespeare and Company Lenox
6' stainless "Quantum Figure"Shakespeare and Company Lenox
6' stainless "Dancer"Shakespeare and Company Lenox
7' stainless "Life Force"Shakespeare and Company Lenox
6' granite "Life Force" Pine Manor College
8' stainless steel "Trios" Mount Ida College
6’ stainless steel “A Quantum Lady” Mount Ida College
4’ stainless steel “The Lid” Brookline Community Mental Health Center
7' granite "Life Force IV" Wheelock College
9' stainless steel "The Dance"Wheelock College
7' aluminum "We!"Wheelock College
6’ stainless steel “Adam” Northeastern University
5½’ granite-stainless steel “Life Force U” Marine Biological Laboratory
6’ stainless steel “Relaxing Nobel Prize Winner” Marine Biological Laboratory
9’ stainless steel “Homage to Galileo” Northeastern University
7’ stainless steel “A Quantum Figure” Northeastern University
7’ aluminum “Triangularity” Technion, Israel
9’ stainless steel “You Too” Technion, Israel
9’ stainless steel “Origins” Technion, Israel